U.S. Camp Here is where the Americans awaited the invasion of the enemy. An exhibition provides extensive information.
Border Fortifications The tour passes original border fortifications and border reconstructions from the 1960s to 1980s.
House on the Border Exhibits displaying the border during the Cold War, the Green Belt, the Biosphere Reserve, and “Freedoms!” are housed here.
Road of Hope The route along the former death strip is lined with sculptures and commemorates the anti-communist resistance.
Wiesenfeld Tower The Command Post of the Geisa Border Guard Detachment also served to prevent escape attempts.

Your stay at the Point Alpha Memorial

Book a guided tour before your visit. Please inform us about your desired day and our visitor service will arrange an individual time with you. Unfortunately, there are no regular open-tours that you can spontaneously take part in at the site. It is always of course possible to visit the memorial without a guide. Modern media-stations will provide you with all the explanatory information you need during your tour. To visit the inside of the Wiesenfeld Tower, please book a guided tour. Without a guided tour, you can always view the tower from the outside.

After arrival from the directions of Geisa (Thuringia) or Rasdorf (Hesse), there are sufficient parking spaces available. Two parking areas are available: at the entrance to the House on the Border, and at the entrance to the U.S.  Camp. Here you will also find the restroom facilities. If you arrive with an electric vehicle, you have the possibility to charge it at the e-charging station at the U.S. Camp.

Following your sightseeing tour, you can stop for refreshments at the Black Horse Inn at the U.S.  Camp.

Easy an convenient: Use the opportunity to book the ticket(s) online in advance.

10:00 AM TO 6:00 PM
10:00 AM TO 4:30 PM
10:00 AM TO 4:30 PM
Tuesday - Sunday (Mondays Closed)
The memorial is closed on Dec. 24th & 25th , 2022.
The memorial is open on Dec. 26th, 2022 & Jan. 2nd, 2023.

The Black Horse Inn is the ideal place for a break during the visit at the memorial. The cafeteria in the US Camp serves a wide selection of American and regional snacks and drinks. From savory to sweet and from hot dishes to delicious ice cream, all tastes are catered. When the weather is nice, the beer garden on the former basketball court invites you to have meals and drinks outside.

As a group, plan your visit to the Black Horse Inn in advance. The cafeteria will be happy to advise you and take your reservations by phone (tel. +49 6651 / 91 91 93). Groups can order, for example, barbecue at the former barbecue grill of the US soldiers.

A current note:
Due to the current Corona situation, the Black Horse Inn is currently only open to guests on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, from 10.30 a.m. to 4 p.m.With a view to changing requirements and with regard to the number of visitors, however, there may be deviations. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Parking spaces available for:
  • Passenger Cars
  • Buses
  • Charging station for e-cars
Parking spaces available for:
  • Passenger Cars
  • Buses
House on the Border
Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1
36419 Geisa

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U.S. Camp
Hummelsberg 1
36169 Rasdorf

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die Geschichte sollte nie vergessen werden.
Andreas K.
08:08 22 Sep 19
Da ljudi posjete i vide istinu.
Neno Velebit V.
16:51 14 Sep 19
Die ganze Perfidität und Absurdität der innerdeutschen Grenze ist hier im Original nachzuerleben, gleichzeitig wird hier der Sieg des Lebens über den ehemaligen Todesstreifen herrlich gelebt. Ein Ort des Gedenkens und der Freude!
Patrick Thomas S.
09:24 12 Sep 19
It's history and the friendship that was given to all the soldiers that served in the 11th Cav..
Gerald U.
22:40 08 Jul 19
Was there with Transatlantic Outreach Program in July 2018. It was amazing to be on what was once contested ground and the frontline of The Cold War.
Mike A.
04:01 14 Jan 19
as a Soldier From the 11th ACR I had a very emotional visit 10.8.2018 42 years after I left Fulda this is a awesome memorial thanks to all
Oscar Guillermo F.
13:23 09 Oct 18
Auch zum zweiten Mal sehr interessant und sehenswert.
Ellen J.
15:06 17 Sep 17
War gestern da mit meiner Frau zusammen war ganz gut da.
Volker K.
15:02 23 Aug 17
+Interessante Gedenkstätte
+toller Audioguide
+interessante Ausstellungsstücke in einer Barracke
-Café sollte original US-Produkte anbieten!!!
Jörg M.
19:16 21 Aug 17
Habe mit meinen Jungs eine Reise in die deutsche Vergangenheit gemacht... sehr interessant und für die Jungs auch spannend.
Michael K.
18:27 14 Aug 17
Sehr interessante Ausstellung, die vorhandenen Grenzzäune etc. sind sehr beklemmend und man bekommt eine Vorstellung davon, wie schlimm es für die dort wohnende Bevölkerung gewesen sein muss. Gott sei Dank ist das vorbei!!!
Heike R.
15:25 20 Jul 17
Interessant und auch etwas beklemmend. Gut, dass diese Zeiten vorbei sind. Ich hoffe, dass auch diejenigen die diese Zeit nicht miterlebt haben, den Wert von offenen Grenzen begreifen.
Carsten W.
14:04 13 Apr 17
Sehr informativ.Das ist wahre Geschichte.Immer wieder gerne.
Thomas H.
12:32 10 Apr 17
history is all i can say...I was there when history was made with fall of the wall.
this was our home at that time... forever my home away from home.
Dee Jay N.
02:50 16 Jun 16
Tolle Ausstellung und eine geschichtsträchtige Umgebung, die diesen Ort einmalig macht.
Uwe K.
22:04 22 Jun 15
Sehr informativ und die Landschaft ist herrlich. Kann ich jedem empfehlen
Angelika J.
17:04 14 May 15
Es war beeindruckend und werden noch in diesem Jahr eine Fahrt zum Point Alpha anbieten
Pauls R.
12:07 09 Feb 15