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The center of Germany is characterized by its low mountain ranges and idyllic landscapes, which invite you to go hiking and cycling. For more than 40 years, between Rhön, Vogelsberg and Knüll, the armies of NATO and the Warsaw Pact would have fought the first battle of the Third World War. The so-called Fulda Gap was considered to be key terrain for the defense of Western Europe. Today, the Point Alpha Memorial is located where, until 1990, border troops of the GDR and U.S. Soldiers stood directly opposite each other. Today, in the House on the Border, the permanent exhibition shows how the Cold War and the Border Regime of the GDR developed over decades and what the division of Germany meant for the people on both sides of the border. The military scenarios can be experienced up close in the historically protected U.S. Camp “OP Alpha”. Between the two sites of the memorial, the border fortifications of the GDR have been reconstructed true to the original, and in their various stages of expansion over a length of 600 meters. The guided tour provides an overview of the various aspects of the Cold War and offers starting points for your own explorations along the former death strip.

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The purchase of online tickets is only possible in Germany via the German-language site. Find out more about what the memorial has to offer and book a guided tour by e-mail at:
Payment for the tour and purchase of tickets are made at the ticket office of the memorial.

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