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Willy Brandt, November 10, 1989

Jetzt wächst zusammen,
was zusammen gehört.

(Now, that which belongs together grows together.)

Contemporary Witnesses Report

Point Alpha Memorial


At the Point Alpha Memorial, you will visit an authentic Cold War site and experience a unique testimony to four decades of contemporary history. This is where the outposts of NATO and the Warsaw Pact faced each other until 1990.

Point Alpha Foundation


The Point Alpha Foundation preserves the Point Alpha Memorial as a place of remembrance of German division. In addition to scientific research on the Cold War in Europe, this historical learning site is increasingly being included into the curriculum of younger generations.

Point Alpha Academy


The educational program of the Point Alpha Academy is diverse and modular. For adult education and professional development, open seminars and events are offered on a semi-annual basis and can be arranged individually for groups upon request.

Point Alpha is documented contemporary history, scientific research, and political-historical education.

The Hottest Point of the Cold War

On the Border between

Freedom and Oppression

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