Point Alpha Foundation

The aim of the Point Alpha Foundation is to profile the Point Alpha Memorial as a place of remembrance of the German division as well as a place of documentation and research of the Cold War in Europe. In addition to the maintenance and preservation of the memorial site, the foundation sees the development of continuous educational and research work as one of its focal points. The foundation is supported in terms of content and projects by the Förderverein Point Alpha e.V. (Point Alpha Support Association).

The strategic responsibility for the foundation is carried by the Board of Trustees. The Executive Board of the Foundation is responsible for the operational management of both the Foundation and the memorial. The Scientific Advisory Board and the Advisory Board of the Point Alpha Foundation support and advise the Board of Trustees and the Executive Board of the Foundation in the implementation of the goals of the Foundation.

Positions to be filled, as well as public announcements can be found here.


The headquarters of the Point Alpha Foundation is the historic castle of the city of Geisa.

Point Alpha Stiftung
Schlossplatz 4
36419 Geisa

Telephone: +49 3 69 67 / 59 64 20
Telefax: +49 3 69 67 / 59 64 26
E-mail: stiftung@pointalpha.com