The Point-Alpha-Award

The German Unity Board of Trustees present the Point-Alpha-Award in memory of the peaceful reunification of Germany, and for extraordinary contributions to German and European unity, in peace and freedom.The award is named after the historic site of Point Alpha. In 2005, the Point-Alpha-Award was presented for the first time at the former U.S. Observation Point to George H.W. Bush, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Dr. Helmut Kohl – under whose political leadership the issue of German reunification was negotiated in 1989/90. Since then, 13 distinguished individuals have been honored with the award.

All of those honored have rendered outstanding services to the reunification of Germany, unity, and peace. The members of the Board of Trustees are guided by the idea that the historical process of the peaceful revolution of 1989, and the background to reunification, must never be forgotten.

The award acknowledges the accomplishments of the past and simultaneously desires to point the way into the future. In particular, it wants to provide young people with role models, encourage them and give them hope. It wants to inspire them to be vigilant, to get actively involved and to help shape the future so that unity and peace are lastingly preserved – in Germany and in Europe.

The German Unity Board of Trustees

The German Unity Board of Trustees is a non-profit association and has been presenting the Point-Alpha-Award in cooperation with the Point Alpha Foundation since 2005, for contributions to German and European unity in peace and freedom.


Christian Hirte


Mitglied des Bundestages

Dr. Jürgen Aretz


Staatssekretär a. D. des Landes Thüringen

Prof. Dr. Norbert Kleinheyer


Verbandsgeschäftsführer a. D. des Sparkassen- und Giroverbandes Hessen/Thüringen
Honorarprofessor an der Universität Erfurt

Christian Carius

Staatsminister a. D. des Landes Thüringen

Dr. Walter Arnold

Staatssekretär a. D. des Landes Hessen

Niels Lund Chrestensen

IHK-Präsident Erfurt a.D.

Dr. Martin Hein

Bischof i.R. der Evangelischen Kirche Kurhessen-Waldeck

Bruno Heller

Domkapitular und Caritasdirektor a. D. des Bistum Erfurt

Christine Lieberknecht

Ministerpräsidentin Freistaat Thüringen a.D.

Johann-Michael Möller

MDR-Hörfunkdirektor a. D.

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Seiters

Bundesminister a. D.

Gunter Weißgerber

Mitglied des deutschen Bundestages a. D.

Dr. Heiko Wingenfeld

Oberbürgermeister der Stadt Fulda

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