Förderverein Point Alpha e.V. (support association)

It was due to a citizen’s initiative that the former U.S. Camp “Point Alpha” was not demolished at the beginning of the 1990s. From this initiative, two supporting associations emerged (later the Förderverein Point Alpha), which not only preserved the historically significant site, but also developed it with great commitment and courage into a memorial site. The main task of the supporting association is to contribute constructive and future-oriented ideas for the further development of the memorial.

Point Alpha is internationally known and is visited annually by about 75,000 guests from home and abroad. This memorial is a living testimony to the times and an important historical learning site, especially for future generations. It is a reminder of past dictatorships, a warning against forgetting and trivializing, and a call for the preservation of democracy and freedom.

You would like to support the work of the Förderverein Point Alpha e.V.? Then you too can become a member. Members of the association have free admission to the Point Alpha Memorial.


Förderverein Point Alpha e.V.
Am Hummelsberg 1
36169 Rasdorf

Telephone: +49 6 65 1 / 91 90 30
Telefax: +49 6 65 1 / 91 90 31
E-mail: foerderverein@pointalpha.com

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